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I wanted to announce to everyone that after 1.5 years in the making I have finally launched my own Bear Chat Site. The site is FREE to join and pacs a bunch of very cool features, but let me stop tooting my own horn, go and check it out yourself.

:) Remember spread the word and tell your friends. The faster they join the faster we grow.

BearCiti.com - Join for Free
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I had my friend Will come and visit me this weekend. I was lucky enough that Will chose to spend his Birthday with me. Will unfortunately lost his partner to suicide a few weeks ago.

Their is so much raw pain there. So much pain. We spend a lot of time talking and I think that was very therapeutic for him. I wish I had a magic wand to take his pain away but alas I don't. Time is the only magical ingredient to heel the wounds. The best I can offer is a friend ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.

As you can see above Will is going to Lazy Bear and doing a teddy bear drive. All the bears he collects are donated to police departments. From a horrible loss he is turning his energy into helping children during their hard times.
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Had a great time last night at a 4th of July Party my friend Buddy put together.

He had a beautiful apartment spanning about 280 degrees over looking all of Fort Lauderdale and the beaches. It was amazing to watch all the public and private fireworks at the same time. It was awesome.

The food and company was great too. Lots of my friend from Manhattan South (country bar).
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I just thought this was such an interesting moment in time. While staying at the host hotel during Bear Pride, we were informed by staff that their would be 2 str8 marriages held during the weekend.

Of course the first question that comes to mind is, does this couple know that the entire hotel is packed with Gay Bears? The lady at the front desk smiles and replies "Yes they do!".

Well here we are Sunday early afternoon and the bride and groom comes down to the lobby to take pictures. To all of our surprise the groom happened to be this very good looking bear. As we all can't keep our eye's off the groom the bride comes over to the lobby where we all were and she asks to take a picture with everyone. It did not end there, then the groom comes over and they all take pictures together. I just thought that was a funny moment in time.
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Well I finally decided to start a blog. I hope I can use this tool to express my thougths. Putting thoughts to rest and move or develop them further.

I am laying down on my couch and watching Logo (MTV's gay tv). I really enjoy watching this channel. It shows me all the different facets of gay lifestyle. The dogs are resting next to me and I need to get ready to go to my friend's Tim's holiday party.

Thanks for reading my Journal. Hugs.

Current Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

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